On Wednesday June 14th, orchid specialist Floricultura organized the annual event ‘Een wereld te winnen!’ (‘Win a World!’) during the FlowerTrials for domestic and foreign relations. More than 150 visitors saw, among others, how Rene Hendriks of Opti-Flor, also on behalf of Marco Hendriks, received the Klaas Schoone Memorial Award 2017. Furthermore, during the day, it became extra clear how important it is to share knowledge.

A role model for the orchid profession
The choice of the jury for the Klaas Schoone Memorial Award this year fell on Rene and Marco Hendriks because of their innovative, open and advanced business strategy. “They perform a model role for the orchid profession,” Jury Chairman Wim Wooning concluded. Rene Hendriks was given the award by the Schoone family. They awarded this third Klaas Schoone Memorial Award on the one hand to honor important persons from the profession and on the other, to keep alive the memory of Klaas Schoone, who liked to share knowledge.

To share knowledge is essential for the industry
Under the guidance of day chairperson Wendy van Vliet, the award ceremony included several speakers. First of all, Mr. Post expressed his gratefulness to the jury chairpersons of the Klaas Schoone Memorial Award. He again emphasized the need to continue to share knowledge. This can be done through the online platform Orchipedia (ksmaward.com). "Sharing this knowledge is a key factor for individual and joint success," Mr. Post said. "We should dare to exchange more with each other; the industry must move forward." Therefore, Mr. Post appeals to everyone to already think now about the nominations for 2019. Because tomorrow starts today!

New light on orchid culture realizes savings right away
Next Adrie Smits, cultivation expert at Floricultura, presented what a short day at Phalaenopsis, prior to cooling, could bring in terms of results. Not only significantly more similarity, but also the percentage of multi-branch plants is significantly higher. In this way, savings can be made in terms of energy and labor. Furthermore, the amount of light emission can be reduced and, due to the fact that there are fewer single-branch plants, the yield will be increased.

Understanding the functioning of our brain
Philosopher and cabaret artist Paul Smit, graduated on the ‘evolution of human consciousness’ and author of various books on psychology and neuroscience gave the audience a ‘look’ in their mind. He let them experience how their own brains could fool them. In a humorous and energetic way he showed why changes are so troublesome for humans. With humor, interaction and concrete examples he showed how the behavior of man can be influenced.

Afterwards, the attendees - while enjoying a bite and a drink - had enough subjects to talk about. This way, at the end of this day, the theory of 'sharing knowledge' was put into practice immediately.

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