There is a huge amount of interest in energy storage within UK agriculture and horticulture and how this may be of benefit to them financially, as well as in terms of their energy supply. Energy storage encompasses techniques such as hot water accumulator stores attached to traditional gas boilers or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engines for CO2 enrichment, as well as biomass boilers for enabling efficient operation. Energy storage is also used to describe battery storage systems which will enhance existing electricity generation equipment and improve energy harvest from renewable technologies such as solar PV and wind.

There are many benefits to energy storage systems for growers; financial, improving equipment efficiency, system effectiveness and operational improvements. However, establishing any energy storage system or an electrical energy storage facility can be confusing and will not be suitable for all. With this in mind GrowSave, a project delivered by FEC Energy on behalf of the AHDB Horticulture is holding an afternoon seminar on 20 September at the Chesford Grange Hotel, Warwickshire.

This seminar will be presented by UK and Dutch greenhouse heating specialists who will discuss the following:
  • Heat storage and heat store management. With the advent of biomass and the increasing popularity of CHP, good heat store management is essential for the efficient use of heat
  • Electricity storage and the incentives. That lead to a return on investment for battery technologies
  • Electricity consumption management and grid support services. To reduce overall electricity cost
  • A future view of greenhouse energy technology and sources.
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