Throughout October and November Florismart will tour England, Wales and Scotland with a floristry education bus. The floristry roadshow will be jam-packed full of all things flowers, as well as containing invaluable advice to help you run your business. The tour coincides with the launch of the company's new buying Platform.

For seven weeks, the bus will be touring the UK. The tour starts on Monday 2nd October in Stoke, and finishes on Thursday 16th November in Burnley.

Florismart's aim is to innovate, inspire and motivate, with industry experts aboard the bus ready to answer your questions, feed you new information about the industry, and give you information on innovative industry products. Meeting and learning are the core themes of this tour, meaning whatever it is you want to learn more about, you can visit the 36-foot long bus.

Mark, Katie, David and a few other Florismart staff will be travelling the UK with participating partners BFA, Smithers-Oasis, Chrysal, APC, FloristPro, Country Baskets, Claire Cowling Books and Strelitzia.

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