‘Colour Your Story’, the Spring/Summer edition 2018, has just arrived; the colourful booklet chock-full of trends, ideas and information that Desch Plantpak uses to inspire growers, breeders and retailers in their quest to market their products ever more successfully. ‘Colour Your Story’ is free upon request.

Once again, three colour trends form the main menu in this edition of ‘Colour Your Story’:
  • DRAPE - old materials and crafts reinvigorated; historic costumes become a significant source of inspiration
  • STITCH - a deliciously playful trend symbolising the desire for youthful freedom
  • FUSE - nature as digital experience, with beautiful designs and ultra-natural patterns, colours and shapes

As well as trends, this edition of Colour Your Story features surprising pot-plant combinations and other attractive products from our renowned breeder partners, including Florensis, Beekenkamp, Selecta One and Sakata. The spotlight also seeks out the Fleuroselect Gold Winners and the 2017/2018 Fleurostar Award Winner.

From fridge to tray: Desch Plantpak contributes to the circular economy
In this Colour Your Story edition Desch Plantpak also shows you how old fridge parts, coat hangers and plastic products can get a new lease of life as thermoform pots and containers, trays for transport, seeds or seedlings and as bedding plant packs. Certainly an environment-lightening approach ensuring Desch Plantpak promotes a significant contribution to the circular economy.

Strawberries from the Grow&Go pot
The Grow&Go pot has become a real phenomenon. It's mostly used as a hanging container, with plants trailing in all directions. Thanks to its large 1.5 litre water buffer and an innovative watering system, the Grow&Go pot is also an excellent container for growing strawberries.

Fruit and water cocktail with 100% biodegradable D-Grade flower pots
Desch Plantpak has developed a refreshing cocktail concept to lubricate away the summer months. It consists of two D-Grade flower pots – 100% biodegradable! – and includes a variety of herbs, a jar and a recipe; all beautifully packaged. A great gift idea and also fun to receive! Clients can also have the cocktail concept tailored to their wishes.

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