The theme for the 2017 edition of FleurAmour Passion for Flowers flower design event was ‘Culture’. Participating florists created floral expressions with an eye to different worldviews, ways of life, values, customs and traditions. The event is traditionally held at the Commandery of Alden Biesen and features an impressive display of floral decorations. This is the 22nd edition of FleurAmour Passion for Flowers which saw many renowned florists drawn from various participating countries.

Tasked with decorating the lower parts of the Castle was floral designer Angelica Lacarbonara. Angelica’s idea and project was called 'The Four Seasons of Antonio Vivaldi' and she decided to use Porta Nova Red Naomi in creating her arrangements. She also created a gorgeous bouquet of Porta Nova roses.

More photos of the decorations as well as more information on the project and FleurAmour can be found here.