Locally based Alquimi Renewables, which operates across the US, Caribbean, and Latin American regions has recently entered into an exclusive strategic partnership and co-developer agreement with ICL/EnerG LLC, the new US based operating group of ICL Industries of Gurgaon, India.

ICL/EnerG is a technology and manufacturing firm specializing in end-to-end waste to energy (WTE) systems, utilizing the ReGreen waste processing system, and ICL gasification and combined cooling, heat, and power generation systems (CCHP). “The integrated ICL/EnerG WTE system is an ideal solution for regions like the Caribbean. It is completely scalable to adapt to the various waste stream production that we see across the many different sized islands. From smaller islands like Montserrat or Anguilla to the larger islands like Haiti or Trinidad, we can design our systems accordingly” comments Ralph Birkhoff, who heads up business development for Alquimi. “Although we also support solar and other forms of renewable energy, WTE is unique in that it provides additional benefits that no other clean energy system can offer. By utilizing existing biomass and municipal waste streams, this energy technology is simultaneously cleaning up the environment and creating a waste management system, including a recycling component” says Birkhoff, “and that is a tremendous direct benefit to a region which derives most of its income from tourism.”

“Island nations who currently import diesel oil to power their utility generators need to start thinking differently. The fuel source to create energy is already on their island in the form of biomass, landfill waste, and daily collection” states Sarabjit Grewal, Director of ICL/EnerG, “it is now just a matter of utilizing that waste stream to produce clean electrical energy”.

The ReGreen waste processing system can process up to 1300 tons of carbon based waste per day, which will maintain a baseload energy generation component of approximately 40MW. The system can be scaled up or down to any waste volume. In addition the ICL/EnerG CCHP generation systems will not only produce power, but can generate direct cooling, and also create a potable water supply. Alquimi, which also develops commercial scale off grid hydroponic greenhouse systems, intends to utilize this WTE system to power and cool its greenhouse projects.

“With the recent hurricane activity in the Caribbean region, and the increased emphasis on engineered hurricane resistance, we see our WTE system as a tremendous overall solution. Unlike solar or wind generation, our system can be designed to be completely hurricane resistant - even to Cat5 conditions.” says Birkhoff. Alquimi is currently developing dedicated WTE projects in Haiti and Trinidad and looks forward to exploring opportunities with many other islands who are actively promoting conversion to alternative clean energy sources.

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