HSI is expanding the cooperation with PlantPaper. The partnership started with the continent of Africa. From now on, HSI is the exclusive sales partner for Colombia and Ecuador.

The paper developed by PlantPaper has a very open structure which results in a better air circulation in the rooting area of the plant. This results in faster rooting and better quality of the roots. The product from PlantPaper is 100% bio-based, meaning it is 100% biodegradable, so a sustainable solution for the environment.

To introduce the PlantPaper products in both countries, HSI participated at the Proflora 2017 exhibition in Bogota. According to account manager Marcos Torrens Bonet the response was overwhelming: “Especially the fact that the product is 100% biodegradable attracted a lot of growers. It’s great to see the interest in the product, we are dedicated to make this a success.”

Melvin Howard Brehler joins Marcos Torrens Bonet to position the HSI products into the markets of Colombia and Ecuador: “We supply a wide range of products and services to growers worldwide. With practical knowledge and years of experience HSI can provide growers with everything they need to grow their crop. Fertilizers and crop protection to insure the necessary growth. Or do you need nursery supplies and machinery? We are here to get you going.”

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