A lot is being written about large new construction projects. And they're executed unbelievably fast. Within very little time a greenhouse appears in the landscape. All over the world, new hectares of greenhouse glass are popping up.

But also the smaller and technically more challenging projects, such as research centers or garden centers, get the full attention of Holland Scherming. Peter Rense: "We especially see that in testing and research centers a lot is asked of screen installations. Research greenhouses are stuffed with technology like lighting and hoistable heating for sections of just a few square meters and also a double screen. A lot of sorting out for our production planners and afterwards our mechanics. But it is very satisfying to bring these more complex projects to a good end result."

Peter Rense and Pascal den Heijer

The floriculture sector also poses special challenges. Ornamental plant growers have up to 3 screens above each other. Furthermore, these screens are used a lot. Sometimes up to dozens of screen movements a day, and they have to function smoothly for years. In the case of blackout systems, complete closing is an absolute requirement. Peter Rense: "For all these specific questions we always have a solution."

Also for the coming year, there are beautiful projects on the planning schedule, such as a 4.6-hectare greenhouse with 3 screen installations. Peter: "We already have installed screen systems for many floriculture growers. With our innovations like the screen material pull-in system that we call Triple S (Smart Skate System) and the Smart Spring suspension system, we notice a lot of interest from this customer group. Understandable, of course: smaller packages and faster screen material installation, who wouldn’t like that?"

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