On October 13, 2016, Thai king Bhumibol died aged 89, and now a cremation ceremony is taking place in Bangkok (October 26-30, 2017). The daffodil takes center stage at this event.

Left to right: Jaco Leenen (WF Leenen & Zn BV), Nuth and Richard Bonnet (New Fashion Flowers) and Dirk Leenen (WF Leenen & Zn BV)

Bhumibol is said to have been a fan of daffodils since his youth. During courtship, he would offer his girlfriend a bouquet of daffodils every weekend. And besides, the color of the Thai royal family is yellow.

Dutch company W.F. Leenen & Zn BV grew the daffodils in Australia and New Zealand, and treated the bulbs in the Netherlands in such a way that they would start blooming in September. The company imports these bulbs from the southern hemisphere, because the bulbs grown in the Netherlands flower in March/April.
New Fashion Flowers from Ban Pong, a major bulb company in Thailand, imported the daffodils, and together the companies prepared the flowers for the October 26 cremation ceremony.

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