Some lawmakers have underscored major benefits to be gained from fruit, vegetables and flower export and logistics services, asking for more attention to boost the development of these sectors.

They continued to discuss the country’s socio-economic and State budget situation on November 1, part of the ongoing fourth session of the 14th National Assembly in Hanoi.

Deputy Nguyen Thien Nhan of Ho Chi Minh City said in 2016, Vietnam exported 2.4 billion USD worth of crude oil and 2.45 billion USD worth of fruit, vegetables and flower. This was the first time fruit, vegetables and flower exports had surpassed crude oil shipments. Meanwhile, crude oil exports were 31 times higher than fruit and vegetables exports in 2005, 7.3 billion USD compared to 235 million USD.

He analysed that fruit, vegetables and flower exports have grown by about 30 percent each year and are forecast to hit 9-10 billion USD in 2022. However, export turnover of crude oil has fallen by 900 million USD in five years and that of aquatic products has risen by just 5 percent annually.

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