HGC+ is a new cleaning agent for horticulture glass. "It's a high-grade disinfectant cleaning agent that deals with bacteria, fungi and viruses. It is suitable for various types of glass, including glass with AR coating. It's a newly developed formula, especially for the horticulture industry, which doesn't just remove and kill fungi, but also deals with spores," the supplier says.

"HGC+ can simply be mixed with water and is easy to use. Thanks to the low concentration, 1 liter can be used to clean around 250 square meters, so the total amount that needs to be purchased per hectare is much lower than other products in the market. For the best results, we advise to rinse off the product with clean water after 2 hours," the supplier continues.

Advantages of HGC+
  • Disinfectant
  • Deals with bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • Suitable for AR glass
  • For cleaning both the inside and outside of the greenhouse
  • Low concentration of 4% (1 liter HGC+ and 24 liters of water)
The product is available in various packaging sizes with quick delivery.

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