Growing flowers in greenhouses is a very common growing method, and popular flowers such as Gerberas, Lilies, Tulips, Roses, Orchids, and Bromeliads are grown in greenhouses. There are many challenges the grower faces when growing in a closed space; a major one is high humidity. Many types of flowers are highly sensitive to humidity diseases such as botrytis. Humidity diseases usually harm the yield quality and quantity wise, and in many cases humidity diseases can erupt after the harvest. Therefore, preventing humidity becomes a key element in the process of growing flowers.

Growers are trying to maximize their growing space and reduce their growing costs without damaging the flowers. They require a high-level of efficiency. A solution that can be integrated into the greenhouse with minimum influence on the growing space and solve growing difficulties such as humidity and energy costs, is essential for growing flowers.

DryGair solution dehumidifies the air and removes a significant amount of water thus preventing humidity diseases. In addition, it can create the optimal climate conditions for the plants and enables the growers to treat humidity while keeping the facility closed. The energy remains inside, and unlike the ‘traditional solution’ (ventilation - opening & closing the growing facility to replace the inside humid air with external dry air), no external air is getting in or getting out.

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