Early November construction started for the new Porta Nova greenhouse in Waddinxveen. We are one month underway, and most of the groundworks have been completed, like pushing in the wooden foundation poles. There has been a lot of rain in November, making the site very muddy. The drone has taken a look from above, clearly showing water everywhere, mud, some more mud, and a crew drilling holes and pouring concrete.

photos & drone images: Havecon

The foundation works for all the gables (also the inner ones) are being placed at the moment. The contours and layout of the greenhouse become visible already. Especially from above. The drone takes you on a tour:

Last year, Dutch rose grower Porta Nova bought a neighbouring parcel, at that time owned and employed by tropical plant nursery Sjaloom. The latter, who closed down operations earlier this year, presented the land fallow. Over the coming weeks and months, about 8.5 hectares of greenhouses will arise.

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