WebTrack, the business management system from Ball Seed, received new features with its latest update for the WebTrack To Go mobile app. Responding directly to grower requests, the app can now scan seed packets through your smart phone camera to view the most recent germination percentage, its Ball Vigor Index number, and additional information to help with production planning and inventory management. Customers can also order more seed of a variety by scanning the seed pack barcode.

The latest WebTrack To Go update also offers immediate access to plant variety information by clicking on the Featured Products option. Ball Seed Featured Products are updated all the time, showing users some of the most interesting and trending new varieties. Customers can learn more about each product and order with one touch via the Buy Now button.

In addition, several other updates have been added, including an enhanced Product Search by browsing alphabetically. Also, if a user orders frequently from a supplier, they can now set a “Default Supplier” to make ordering so much simpler.

“The Ball Seed WebTrack To Go mobile app lets you place orders on up-to-the-minute inventory, so you can truly manage your business on-the-go,” says Jim Kennedy, Sales Director for Ball Seed. “Continued app improvements help move Ball Seed customers along with the speed of business.”

The complete feature list of Ball Seed WebTrack To Go is growing:
  • View products, photos and culture sheets
  • Access live inventory and place orders
  • Check order status and track shipments
  • Create, view and update claims
  • Flag favorite products and add your own photos and notes
The Ball Seed WebTrack To Go updates are in the App Store and at Google Play now. To download the app and get immediate access to availability, suppliers and information from your cell phone, visit www.webtracktogo.com.