This year the number of growers that use email notifications by has grown rapidly. With an email notification, the grower can be warned for unwanted changes in the greenhouse climate. The notifications can also be used as a daily/weekly update with only the information the grower is interested in. The grower himself sets up these notifications. “For this year, the expectation is that we will reach half a million notifications”, says Yuri Alsemgeest from

Since 2013, it is a possibility to make email notifications on Recently the milestone of one million email notifications has been reached. Decorum growers Dirk Jan and Laurens Oudijk had the honour to receive the millionth email notification. To celebrate this milestone treated the company to a delicious cake.

From left to right: Dirk Jan Oudijk, Yuri Alsemgeest, and Laurens Oudijk

Yuri Alsemgeest says that the exponential growth of the notifications has two reasons. “We did some improvements on the email notifications and the number of growers which are using has grown rapidly the last two years.

A perfect warning agent
Dirk Jan Oudijk agrees that the email notification are very useful: “We use the email notification as a warning signal for a too high infection pressure of Botrytis. With this warning, we can make early climate changes to control the infection pressure. It helps us to guarantee the quality of our flowers.”

“The notifications are also used to ensure that all the cultivation managers get their needed information at the same time. This makes our discussions more effective.”

Yuri Alsemgeest from confirms that the number of email notifications is growing weekly. “Sending notifications with weekly overviews and graphs was already popular by our users. provides more and more models and analyse tools, developed alone or together with partners. Therefore we see now a fast growth in the use of email notifications; they are mainly used as a warning signal.”

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