"Adopting fine-tuned environmentally-friendly design practice should always be considered at the start of the design process." This is stated by the team with packaging specialists MacPac. "Working in collaboration with customers to minimise environmental impact and avoiding costly downstream delays and cancellation", they explain. 

To address the growing demand for bespoke packaging, Macpac launched a new website.The new website is aimed at all levels of business, food and non-food. With its reputation for packaging innovation the packaging manufacturer has re-designed its website addressing the growing demand for bespoke packaging from concept to production. Macpac invite visitors to discover the difference compared with more conventional suppliers selling standard packaging off an online catalogue. 

The new website covers bespoke thermoforming packaging design, tool-making and manufacturing all under one roof from their plant in Stockport an integrated in-house design and production facility transforming ideas into packaging reality.

The new website is fully optimised to work on PC, tablet and mobile.

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