Groen-Direkt will shortly hold its Autumn Fair. Their range of late summer and autumn plant material is unique to Europe. At the same fair last August, 70% of the customers came from outside the Netherlands, from other European countries and those even further afield.

Pre-Sale Christmas trees
The exclusive pre-sale of Christmas trees (which always begins at the Autumn Fair) will be presented side by side with garden plants.

Stronger focus on sustainability
The focus on sustainability remains as strong as ever. Groen-Direkt introduced certification stamps at the beginning of 2018. “Sustainable entrepreneurship is a must nowadays, and also for the future,” said Gert Koert, Groen-Direkt’s Co-Director. “It’s also what consumers want. So it’s important that we show them how sustainable our products are.”

The switch by Plantarium to the adjacent building to Groen-Direkt will offer plant specialists the option of two events side by side. From the 'immediately available' to 'those for the future', this makes for an essential visit.

Both fairs are open on the same 3 days at the Hazerswoude-Dorp location in Boskoop. (August 22-24).

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