"The biggest advantage of the Bugline is an optimal spread of the predatory mites. Based on washes we count about 15 or 16 predatory mites per branch." That is what is told by Rick van der Lugt, manager at one of the two cultivation locations of chrysanthemum grower VDL Fleurs, in the video below.

The Bugline is a ribbon with a number of breeding bags with predatory mites, which will emerge over a period of several weeks. It is a development of Bioline Agroscience, which develops useful insects to control pests in greenhouse horticulture and fruit cultivation and that brings its products on the market together with Van Iperen. Together they have recently launched a new edition, the Bugline 2.0, which is already in use on 40 to 50 hectares of cultivation acreage.

With the ribbon, about 6,000 predatory mites per square meter of cultivation surface are brought into the crop, spread over a period of 5 to 6 weeks.

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