Oboya announced that board member Krister Magnusson has decided to resign from the board.

Board member Krister Magnusson has informed the chairman of the board that he wants to resign from the board for personal reasons. Oboya’s board thereby consists of Mikael Palm Andersson, chairman of the board, Robert Wu (also major owner), Zhang Jinli, Hu Bo and Theresa Eriksson.

Krister Magnusson, resigning board member, comments: ”I have been with Oboya Horticulture Industries AB and PEN Concept Group AB since 2010 and have taken both companies to the the stock exchange, which has been a very fun experience. There is still changes, but also fantastic possibilities for both groups. I now choose to resign from the board of directors in both companies for personal reasons and wish PEN and Oboya all the best”, resigning board member Krister Magnusson says. Mikael Palm Andersson, the chairman of the board, comments: ”I completely understand Krister’s decision and I thank Krister for his big engagement during this period”.

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