A new project is set to unearth leading research and development (R&D) from around the world and develop a roadmap that will help guide future R&D investment and collaborative opportunities for Australia’s nursery industry.

The six-month project, Global Review and Gap Analysis of Nursery Industry Research and Development Initiatives (NY17006), is being carried out by RMCG, a consulting company that specialises in horticultural R&D.

It aims to investigate world-leading nursery R&D initiatives and provide an action plan on how the industry can build an innovative R&D program here in Australia. The project is funded by Hort Innovation using the nursery industry levy and funds from the Australian Government.

More specifically, the program will seek to provide:
  • A greater understanding of relevant R&D activities being conducted for the nursery industry internationally, and how Australia can leverage research results and collaborate with international R&D programs
  • Information on the current capacity for conducting R&D within Australia and what resourcing (in terms of people and facilities) is required to deliver an effective R&D program.
  • A road map which provides clear actions outlining how to address the key issues facing the Australian nursery industry now, and in the future, and how to monitor success.
The landscape of R&D for Australia’s horticultural sector has changed substantially over the past ten years with significant policy shifts at a national level and a need for greater collaboration to ensure investments are utilised effectively.

RMCG will assess current and planned R&D activities relevant to the nursery industry, determine future priorities for R&D investment including resource needs and opportunities for leverage and collaboration.

Its approach focuses on aligning capacity and investment with future priorities and determining the best outcomes for nursery growers, which is critical to shaping future nursery industry R&D and business outcomes.

During the review, Kristen Stirling and Doris Blaesing from RMCG, will be consulting with key industry members, R&D providers both in Australia and internationally and supply chain members.

The project commenced in July with the R&D road map due for delivery to Hort Innovation in early December. Growers who would like to be involved in the project, or find out more information, can contact Kristen Stirling on 0488908416 or at kristens@rmcg.com.au.

Source: Your Levy at Work