FlowerMax offers an innovative, intelligent lighting and control system for the flowering stage for all crops. With the needs of indoor farmers in mind, VividGro has developed a lighting solution for the flowering stage of plants that combines ease of use, energy efficiency and stability. The FlowerMax can be used for all crops.

To enable indoor farmers to maximize their growing space, FlowerMax bulbs are slim, under two-inches of height that allows for uniform light distribution over the canopy. The passively cooled LED lighting reduces temperature which controls expenses – in fact, it is touchable while in use – and decreases the required distance from growing plants, giving indoor farmers greater flexibility in how to utilize scarce grow space. The lightweight aluminum frame is designed for easy installation of both vertical and horizontal suspension and is very durable.

“FlowerMax is an outstanding solution for all crops requiring high, yet uniform, light levels. It is free of the drawbacks of HID/HPS and early LED technology and follows the most current recommendations for horticulture lighting by the DesignLights Consortium (DLC),” stated Emil Radkov, VividGro’s V.P. of Science and Agronomy.

The FlowerMax’s intelligent remote power system allows growers to control the power supply for both on-demand and scheduled changes, increasing yield by amplifying light and dimming according to flower and fruit cycles. The high energy efficiency of the system results in reduced BTU generation and allows up to 80 fixtures on a single 50 A breaker.

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