The press line that was installed last week at Beekenkamp Plants is one of the newest of its kind, the PP24. This installation is suitable for the efficient production of press pots with an excellent quality. With this new press line, Beekenkamp Plants produces press pots with perfect growth characteristics and a capacity of 650 boxes per hour.

In week 32 we started with the demolition of the old press line at the production location in Maasdijk. This location has an area of ​​4 hectares. In week 33 and 34 the technical department of Beekenkamp and the mechanics of Flier Systems worked hard on the installation of the new press line. In week 35 we tested it for the first time and in week 36 the new press line was officially put into operation.

The new press line offers many benefits for Beekenkamp Plants and the growers. Because the PP24 opens the boxes mechanically, the boxes are optimally filled with minimal dehydration as a result. In this way Beekenkamp Plants produces press pots that are uniform, strong and airy. A must for the future to respond to the customer’s demand for pots for open-field crops of ever-higher quality.

In addition, the automatic transfer box change provides a lot of user convenience. As a result, pot sizes can be changed quickly, which ensures a lot of efficiency within the company. Low noise levels and easy use trough a touchscreen are additional advantages of the new press line.

The horticulture sector continues to grow and automation is becoming increasingly important. Beekenkamp Plants continues to invest in automation for open-field crops. Every day we work with passion and ambition to achieve the best result together. “Growing for the future.”

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