AI and automation are revolutionizing industry world-wide and the 2018 Canadian Greenhouse Conference offers insight as to how it is affecting the greenhouse industry.

Darryn Keiller, CEO of Autogrow, New Zealand, is the first of several speakers to address technological advances available to growers. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear one of the industries foremost leaders discuss what is new and what is in the future for protected agriculture. 

Developments in machine vision, data processing and robotics has transformed growers' ability to monitor crops. Christian Nansen, UC Davis, leads a multi-disciplinary team that is working to develop machine vision-based systems to detect and diagnose emerging pest outbreaks. Nansen will describe the technologies used and potential applications. Saber Miresmailli is an award-winning plant scientist and CEO of Ecoation. Miresmailli will talk about the artificial intelligence tools that Ecoation has developed to collect data and enable growers to better monitor and react to changing crop conditions. Rodney Bierhuizen, owner of Sunrise Greenhouses in Vineland, Ontario uses Luna by iUNU to monitor his flower crop. Hear how this technology is enabling his grow team to work seamlessly and efficiently, improve business outcomes and free up some of his valuable time. 

In the same way that technology has become totally incorporated in our personal and business lives, artificial intelligence advances are integrated into presentations throughout the entire CGC program. The speaker’s program is posted on the CGC website as well as the impressive list of exhibitors and complete conference information. Plan now to attend the Canadian Greenhouse Conference October 3 & 4 in Niagara Falls, Canada.

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