CO2 GRO announces additional scientific evidence of superior plant leaf surface CO2 conductance results using dissolved CO2 foliar spray versus CO2 gassing. Dr. Matt Julius of St. Cloud State University has proven that dissolved CO2 conductance on the top surface of a lettuce leaf is essentially the same as the proven 800% plus dissolved CO2 conductance on the bottom surface of a lettuce leaf relative to CO2 gassing.

The importance of this scientific discovery to lettuce and other high value greenhouse growers is twofold; one, CO2 Foliar Spray delivered to the top as well as the bottom of a lettuce leaf is more effective in stimulating faster plant growth and plant size/mass than CO2 gassing and two, proves why GROW’s CO2 Foliar Spray technology integrated into advanced irrigation boom trials are showing sharply faster and larger plant growth.

This SCSU discovery confirms GROW’s technology potential using existing commercial irrigation booms for accelerating plant growth by spraying dissolved CO2 on the tops of plant leaves as effectively as the bottom of the leaves. Two large ongoing CO2 foliar spray trials use onsite commercial irrigation booms for micro greens in Ontario and flowers in Michigan.

John Archibald, CEO noted “This additional SCSU discovery and success integrating our CO2 technology into irrigation spray booms provides further evidence of the commercial potential of our technology. Our revenue generation model is long term site technology licenses and lease of our integration equipment in both indoor and outdoor boom spray systems.”

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