Tecogen announces the opening of a new factory service center located in Tampa, Florida. This is the 10th service center for the company and will provide service for Tecogen’s growing fleet of equipment and installations in the Southeast portion of the United States.

Tecogen has grown the population of installed systems in Florida substantially in the past 12 months. In addition to the existing equipment operating in the area, Tecogen has added 8 systems to the area providing savings to hospitals, research centers, large residential buildings, and indoor growing facilities in the territory. 

“Tecogen systems, whether they be cogeneration, chillers, or heat pumps, provide the best savings for customers when serviced directly by Tecogen service experts,” said Joseph E. Gehret, Director of Field Operations for Tecogen. “We have been servicing the Southeast US through a combination of our factory service centers. Having a dedicated office with full inventory of parts and tools will allow more cost-effective and prompt service to our customers in Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and surrounding states. Successfully securing maintenance contracts with preexisting users of our product was a key measure in allowing us to start this new center.”

“Comprehensive factory service is one of the most important aspects of our business,” stated Benjamin Locke, Tecogen CEO. “Maximizing uptime of our systems is the key to ensuring best economics for our customers and cost-effective operation of our service revenue segment. Ensuring long term customer satisfaction by supporting our equipment with factory technicians is paramount to our continued growth. With the advent of indoor growing facilities and increasing awareness of HVAC resiliency to weather-related power outages, we believe this new service center will help propel new projects forward for Tecogen systems in the Southeast United States.”

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