Air8Green LLC is introducing a tabletop version of its green wall system Aerogation called brēth, designed for the desk. "It will keep the air clean and odor free around you all day", says Mark Prescott of Air8Green LLC.

brēth is both an all natural air purifier and a self-sufficient indoor planter.

"It's specifically engineered to remove air toxins like the indoor green walls do, so you can breathe healthier", Mark says. "When we seal up our homes and offices in an effort to save energy, air gets stale and can even be harmful to inhale.

"Secondly, whether you're currently hesitant to spec ordinary planters into your interior designs because they require more maintenance (like watering every 4-7 days), or you're just looking for something fresh and attractive, then here's your solution! This product tells you when it needs water with its built-in sensor or via an app. The reservoir holds enough water for 10 days (we estimate you won't need to refill for 14-18 days)."

The grow light automatically turns on/off every 12 hours to make sure your plants stay healthy. And each of the 3 pots also drops in for easy "plug 'n play" with different plant varieties.

"We designed brēth, because customers kept asking us how they could get the amazing air purification qualities of a giant green wall to fit on their desk", Mark says.

"With a lot of research and engineering finesse, we pulled it off. brēth turbo-charges nature to purify air with the power of almost 200 plants. We've run 3rd party laboratory testing, which proved that our table-top system removes upwards of 70% of air toxins with a single pass through the brēth unit."

If you'd like to test out this product before it reaches the market, then you can grab your own brēth unit here on Kickstarter for 50% off.