On Friday the 9th of November, Nathan van der Maarl & Elfrieda Penders of OZ Planten will travel to Guatemala together with 11 volunteers to work on a local building project. It is the fifth year in a row that the Dutch Flower Group is organizing a construction trip together with the Dutch Flower Foundation and Habitat for Humanity. The exact project will be announced six weeks in advance. It is already known that the construction project will take place in the village of Rabinal, located in the department of Baja Verapaz in Guatemala.

The reason to participate in the construction project was clear to Nathan quite quickly, he says: "I love building very much anyway and I think it is great to mean something to somebody, when it all comes together it is very nice!" Elfrieda also did not have to think twice about volunteering. "I have volunteered once on a building trip to Malawi organized by the church. We have been building a school for two weeks. It is so special and the gratitude of the people there is so beautiful. And then join the DFG this year, FANTASTIC!"

All thirteen volunteers raise as much money as possible for the construction trip. Do you want to contribute too? Take a look at the fundraising page of Nathan and Elfrieda.



Meanwhile, they had the first meeting with all volunteers of the Dutch Flower Group and Nathan and Elfrieda are eager to get started in November.

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