New Zealand Flowers Week is an event that dedicates itself to showcasing the best that the flower industry has to offer. This year it runs from November 5th-11th 2018.

The organizers behind the week hope to encourage growers, wholesalers, florists and the NZ consumer to become more passionate than ever about local and seasonal flowers. NZ Flowers Week is a chance for everyone to show their support for locally grown and to celebrate the very best of domestic flowers and foliage.

Who’s involved?
New Zealand flower growers have been under pressure in recent years to compete with an ever-expanding market for imported flowers and foliage. "The history of domestic production is long and rich, we don’t want to see such an important area of commerce die out", the organizers says.

"To flower retailers, NZ flowers and foliage are enjoying a long-awaited resurgence in support. We want to encourage that support and help to educate the NZ consumer on what really happens ‘behind-the-scenes’ of the industry, so to speak."

For more information:
New Zealand Flowers Week
09 573 2317