Since entering the UK market in the summer of 2018, an Irish fertiliser company has seen a rapid growth in sales to UK garden centres. Established as one of Ireland’s foremost suppliers of seaweed fertiliser, The Fast Grow Fertiliser company now have in excess of 80 garden retail outlets stocking their unique fertiliser – a pelleted blend of sea weed and chicken manure.

Commenting on his success in the UK market, founder and CEO of fast grow fertiliser, Shane Walsh says; “our products have been available in the UK for a while and have principally been used by veg growing enthusiasts. As a result of very positive results from gardening trials we felt ready to offer this product into the garden retail market in the UK. Thanks to support from retailers we have seen fantastic sales in our first year in the garden retail market.”

Walsh believes the secret of his success is offering a high quality seaweed fertiliser, which has long been recognised by gardeners as a very valuable fertiliser in promoting plant growth, at a very affordable price and says’ “I frequently get great reviews on our social media sites about the results gardeners are getting from our fertiliser."

Walsh has been assisted with his marketing in the UK by business consultant, Neville Stein, Stein, who has accompanied Walsh on many sales visits says; “We have had a fantastic response in just one year and it seems there is a growing interest and demand for seaweed fertiliser and so I am confident that Fast Grow will become a key item stocked by many garden centres.”

Manager of Abercorn Garden Centre, David Gillam, who also currently holds the post of Chairman of the National Dahlia Society was an early stockist of fast Grow fertiliser and comments, “I am delighted to hear about Shane’s success. As an independent garden centre we want to offer our customers quality products that really perform well, and Fast Grow has certainly hit the mark with many of our customers now making this the fertiliser of choice.”

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