Dewar Nurseries, one of America’s largest rose growers, introduces Elizabeth & Alexandra, a new division offering innovative floral creations and an assortment of edible fruits.

Named for the third generation of the Dewar family, the Elizabeth & Alexandra brand offers a youthful eye toward quality, style and convenience for retail shoppers. Combining their love of farm-to-table trends and natural beauty, with their passion for the family business, the Dewar sisters are excited to launch their florist-quality assortment of potted plants in trendy containers.

The Life in Bloom collection includes potted house plants, holiday plants and roses. It will also feature a new edible fruit collection including olives, bananas, tea, kiwis, figs and berries to name a few. The new brand is available in major retailers and supermarkets throughout the USA.

“Elizabeth & Alexandra offers florist-quality plants in aesthetically-pleasing containers to create a product that can be purchased, presented and immediately enjoyed,” Alexandra Dewar said.

The new brand’s namesakes are the granddaughters of Dewar Nurseries’ founder, Alex Dewar. They represent the third generation of Dewar family growers, and have spent much of their lives participating in the ever-expanding family business. 

Founded in 1963, Dewar Nurseries began as a single nursery with a team of fewer than 10 people. Today the brand boasts a team of 350 employees operating 1,779,745 square feet of greenhouse production, 2,003,760 square feet of under-shade potted plants, and 9,055,480 square feet of outdoor production. The Dewar brand, with a fleet of 55 semis, distributes in major retailers spanning 20 states.

“With 55 years of successful growers in our family lineage, we are proud to continue this tradition while remaining true to our personal strengths and passions,” Elizabeth Dewar said. “Life in Bloom by Elizabeth & Alexandra brings a touch of elegance to everyday life. We’re proud to deliver potted beauty that perfectly coordinates with every living space.”

The Elizabeth & Alexandra brand will debut at the PMA Fresh Summit trade event in Orlando on October 19 and 20, 2018.

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