The Wholesale Florists & Florist Supplier Association (WF&FSA, pronounce 'wafsa') just finished. Held from November 16th till 18th in Miami Airport Convention Center, about 100 growers, breeders and transport companies presented their products and solutions to the international retail representatives.

This year, the show's organisation made a couple of changes, WF&FSA president explained in a video prior to the event. First, the variety of exhibitors expanded, adding exhibitors from California as well as some exhibitors from Africa. Secondly, the headline event, with the presence of a distinguished panel of floral experts coming from all over the world to talk about global floral trends, was focused on the floral business even more so than last year.

Speakers included:

  • Jim Daly, who leads Floralife and Grower divisions for Smithers-Oasis
  • Heidi Wernett , recognized as one of the founding pioneers of the commercial flower industry in China
  • Joaquin de la Torre, Managing Partner at Ball
  • Neil Hellings, former Managing Director of Oserian
  • Steven Schilfgaarde, CEO Royal FloraHolland

Curious what's on display? Below you find an impression: one part consisting of photos shared on different social media platforms; the next part contains photos shared with us by Lourdes Reyes of BallSB; the photos in the third part reached us through Mark Frank of Mark Frank Floral Concepts & Design.

Twitter - Deliflor-Lejla‏ @Deli_Lejla - Attending wffsa with my colleagues from Deliflor Latin America here in Miami

Instagram - choicefarms Wffsa 2018! #wffsafdc18

Instagram - hosainternational WFFSA 2018


Lourdes Reyes of BallSB shared with us the following photos:

Mark Frank Floral Concepts & Design
Below you find some more pictures of the booths, many of which were decorated by Mark Frank of Mark Frank Floral Concepts & Design, who was so kind to share them with us.

Finally, also WF&FSA itself posted some photos of the event on their FB page, even including this behind the scenes video of the build up of the show:

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