ClockOnline will be launched October 25, 2018. This independent digital platform promisses to provides an efficiency boost within the ornamental plant sector.

Thanks to the one-stop-shop method, growers are given the opportunity to offer a large variety of flowers and plants in real time for a market-based price.

The big change is the 'aftuin' auction. This means that you buy directly from the grower. As a result, there is no longer any possibility of turning the clock. The transport has become a lot more efficient, because from the garden a transport is realized directly to the end customer. This efficiency boost not only reduces road traffic, but also benefits the environment.

It was a bit of a struggle, but the big final test with about 50 growers and 50 buyers has succeeded!

Marco Stolze, owner of online flower and plant auction ClockOnline is very enthusiastic about the results of the big test. "It is always exciting when something big is tackled, this test was also decisive for the live date, which drove the tension pretty much. The test also showed that people had to get used to the clock, because no auctioneer was needed. As a result, the costs of ClockOnline can be kept low."

"Of course there are other platforms, these are popping up like mushrooms. The unique thing about ClockOnline is that there is only one. ClockOnline will be a major change in the market for efficiency. For many buyers and growers, new doors will open through the international online flower and plant auction. To give an example, products will also be auctioned that are not being auctioned for the current clock. In fact, there is only one person at the wheel and that is me, "said initiator Marco Stolze.

For more information:
Marco Stolze
M: +31 630 728 817