Hydrangea Breeders Association (HBA) breeds cut hydrangeas for production in different climate zones. In addition to breeding varieties such as Royal Kiss and Royal Benefit for temperate climate zones, there is an emphasis on plants for production around the equator. Due to the huge difference in climate, the European varieties are not suitable and specific genetic lines have been developed.

Under local circumstances in countries where production will take place, the chosen varieties are assessed for suitability. A pilot greenhouse was set up for this purpose in Naivasha, Kenya in early 2018 and in November another test location in Rionegro, Colombia will open. There is a test location of more than 2,300 m2 at Agriom in De Kwakel, The Netherlands. Here you can compare different varieties and promising new breeds. The test and selection location at Tom de Bruijn in 's-Gravenzande also offers cut hydrangea growers the opportunity for a look behind the scenes at the Hydrangea Breeders Association.

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