Over a month ago, the only young plant grower in Scandinavia, Nordic Ornamentals ApS, was declared bankrupt. This has been confirmed by Danish trading company GASA Young Plant, which exclusively marketed Nordic's assortment. The grower's assortment consisted of a wide range of perennial plants. The production of lisianthus cuttings accounted for a major part of the turnover.

The company produced its products on a high tech acreage of 2 ha. This gap is now being filled up quickly by other companies. One of these companies is Dutch plant propagator Star-Plants from Poederoijen. "Last week, we sowed about 1.5 to 2 million plants, about as much as we did the entire year", explains Gert-Jan Valstar. "And it seems to be just the start. The demand for lisianthus cuttings is rising, so we expect the numbers to increase."

The reason for this bankruptcy is not clear. According to a GASA spokesperson, it came as a surprise to them as well.

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