Some of the introductions for this coming year are already available. Last month PanAmerican Seed introduced their annuals, and now they present the cool-season and cut flower varieties. The new perennials and pot plants are already available for ordering and will be introduced in November.

Pansy Cool Wave Raspberry Swirl and Strawberry Swirl

Two new colours of the well-known Cool Wave Pansy series are Raspberry Swirl and Strawberry Swirl. The trailing pansy for Spring and Autumn lets you extend your growing and selling season with the Wave Brand. This series is more vigorous with the widest habit of any spreading pansy – great in hanging baskets, pots, combos and as groundcover.

The Raspberry Swirl shows more yellow in the flower face in Summer/Autumn (warm season) production, and less in Winter/Spring (cool season) production. The Strawberry Swirl shows more yellow in the flower face in Summer/Autumn (warm season) production, and less in Winter/Spring (cool season) production.

Pansy Promise Blue Blotch Improved

Selected for European growing conditions, Promise is ideal for Spring programs for the European market. Early, compact plants with large flowers will not extend beyond the edge of the pot in production. This variety also has good landscape vigour and flowering over a long period of time. Plus, it is good for in-ground and container plantings. Pansy Promise Blue Blotch Improved offers more reliable seed quality.

Campanula Campana Deep Blue Improved

Large-flowered, deep blue campanula fits the series for timing, but is the best-quality variety in the series and features good vase life. Campana delivers excellent uniformity. This cut flower series is a low-energy crop, suitable for Summer or Winter production. View the Product Information Guide at for day-length requirements.

Matthiola Mathilda Lavender

This intense lavender colour flower delivers a uniform series for habit and timing, with high seed quality of selectable matthiola. Mathilda has good performance and is timed right for professional cut flower production. Important upgrade assures more programmable production, higher production per square metre in the greenhouse and fewer losses. New Matthiola Mathilda Lavender adds a nice intense lavender colour to the series.

Snapdragon Monaco Orange

Monaco tolerates warm Autumn conditions without flowering too quickly, and produces high-quality flower spikes when Autumn weather is cool and dark. This variety fulfills the orange colour class that was missing from the Monaco Series. Monaco is an important series in many markets, as it works year-round near the equator and during the tricky transitional seasons in further north/south latitudes.

Snapdragon Potomac Royal Improved

The improved Snapdragon Potomac Royal series offers livelier colours and better flower spike quality. It can also be grown year-round with supplemental high-intensity light. During the production with long days and warm temperatures, the plant gets tall, strong stems and long spikes. Snapdragon Potomac Royal Improved offers more vivid colour intensity and better flower spike quality.

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