Founded in 2010, Amazone Plants used to grow seven types of Anthurium in pot size 17. However, not anymore, due to a considerable expansion, both in the assortment and the company itself. 

The current anthurium nursery

New varieties in 12,14 and 17cm
Where the assortment formerly only consisted of pot size 17cm Anthuriums, now 12 and 14cm is included as well. "Some of the new varieties are even grown exclusively by Amazone Plants. The nursery goes from seven to fifteen varieties in one go. The new Anthuriums are grown in the same sustainable manner and high quality", the company reports.

Assortment Amazone Plants

From tomato to Anthurium
The growth in the assortment was enabled by the expansion in cultivation area to 5.8 hectares. The last tomatoes are harvested in the adjacent tomato nursery last month, and then the major renovation could kick off. The initial work has already started. It is expected that the first Anthuriums will leave the new nursery from summer 2019 onwards.

Fred van Zijl says goodbye to his tomatoes


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