It was declared a "game changer for the Kenyan floriculture industry" by Chris Lindley of Oserian in 2017 after trialing it for many months and quickly made headway afterwards. It is now used by several large exporting companies and successful trials have been conducted in Ethiopia recently. The product in question is the Cargolite™ packaging concept, which saves on air freight costs, reduces crushing of boxes and creates many other benefits for the farm. Next to the enthusiasm of the farms, they are also seeing interest arising from logistic companies and at the IFTF, in Vijfhuizen, this week, they will introduce their new version of Cargolite™ cartons.

The Cargolite™ concept. Click here for more detailed information about the concept. 

Interest logistic companies
"We are witnessing a gradual change in the thinking of the main logistic companies in Kenya", says John Kowarsky, the owner and CEO of Cargolite. "The Cargolite™ packaging concept encourages the farms to palletize (as much as possible) the flower cartons at farm level, and today Panalpina sees the advantages of the concept in order to minimize the numerous times each carton is handled and resulting in less damage to the flower."

John Kowarsky and Amnon Zamir of Cargolite at the IFTF 2017 in Vijfhuizen, the Netherlands.

Goals achieved
When designing the Cargolite™, Kowarsky and Zamir, wanted to meet four principles; removing the load from the carton walls, reduce the carton weight, increase the pack rate and improve the stackability. This all, would enable them to achieve their pre-set goals, which was, partly, to palletize the majority of the cartons at the farm, handling each carton horizontally (no vertical handing anymore), packing more flowers per cubic meter (due to using less packing material), reducing carbon footprint, better ventilation throughout the logistic chain, better flower quality and considerable savings on air freight. And both are pleased to say that they have achieved the goals set out! 

“Quarts and Halves” Cargolite cartons

New version
This year they are introducing a new version of “Quarts and Halves” Cargolite™ cartons to continue their policy of adapting to the market needs. "We have realized that the market needs flexibility, and the quantity of flowers per carton (unit of sale) can be a major determining factor for the end customer. The Cargolite™ “Quarts and Halves” carton offers the exporter the needed flexibility for the end customer." 

Clockwise: From truck into scanner air pallet, to building air pallet to air pallet completed.

Trials in Ethiopia
In September, Cargolite™ conducted trials with two farms in Ethiopia in coordination with Ethiopian Airways. "The air pallet was built at the new, state of the art, Ethiopian Airways facility at the Addis Ababa airport. The facility will enable the Ethiopian perishable industry to expand and flourish, coping with the planned growth of perishable goods to be grown in Ethiopia. The air pallet on trial, arrived in the Netherlands in good condition, and discussions with the farms involved, are in process." 

Cargolite™ in conjunction with Oserian/Mavuno and Rosa Link will demonstrate a “live” off-loading and un-packing of an Oserian air pallet on Thursday the 8th of November. For details please email 

The Cargolite™ team welcomes all interested to visit the Cargolite™ stand at the IFTF Trade Show, 7-9th of November on stand A3.25.

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