Vaselife International is proud to introduce a 100% compostable packaging for the cut flower food powder sachets.

Compostable Packaging
The compostable sachets are certified according to the European Standards EN 13432 (packaging) and are 100% compostable in an industrial compost installation. This means that you can throw the packaging in the same green bin you use for the stem ends and leaves, together with the rest of your household green waste.

The composting of packaging should take place in industrial composting plants, under controlled conditions (such as temperature, humidity, aeration and the presence of micro-organisms). Composting is the biodegradation process under aerobic conditions within a time frame of 6-12 weeks. After this time the sachet packaging will break down and return to the earth safely and provide the soil with beneficial nutrients.

The compostable packaging material is a special laminate made of 2 separate organic layers. The ink and the glue are also certified as 100% compositable and of course the cardboard box is easily broken down.

The sachet is made from certified compostable material and has been independently tested and approved under the European DIN Certco scheme DIN EN 13432.


The product is now available. Please contact the Dillewijn Zwapak sales department: T +31 (0) 297-354111,,  


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