On Friday 9 November Bosman Van Zaal celebrates the special anniversary of Juup Bosman. He has been with the company for 50 years this year and will now enjoy his well-earned retirement. As a construction worker Juup has worked on many greenhouses, and national and international projects at the production site in Aalsmeer and has experienced the necessary innovations within the company.

Always with a smile on his face and in the oh so familiar blue welding overalls he still walks to work every morning from his home, until November 9, because Juup is also a neighbour of the company. This until the company moves to its new production facility with office building in December 2018.

Over the years he has shown that he is a professional and he has also proved to be a valuable colleague in the field of sports. He has appeared several times at various sporting events on behalf of the company.

“Juup, thank you for your years of dedication and friendliness. We will miss you, but of course you are still welcome to visit us. We wish you all the best. And enjoy the bike rides you are going to make with your wife! Do make sure that besides all the jobs in and around the house you will also occasionally take a rest...?;)”

The farewell drink will take place Friday 9 November from 15:00 in the canteen on Mr. Jac. Takkade 3 in Aalsmeer and is open for (former) colleagues, family and friends of Juup.

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