It looks like a traditional terracotta pot, but lift it up and you will discover that it is actually made out of plastic. At the PMA Fresh Summit in Orlando (FL) A-ROO Company presented their new NeoTerra Upstyle cover. “Consumers can’t tell the difference even from inches away!”

Krystle Klink and Dennis DeBaltzo of A-ROO presenting the new NeoTerra Upstyle cover at the PMA.

According to Retail Creative Manager Krystle Klink, the NeoTerra brings several advantages. “First of all it has a different look. Also, it does not break during shipments and it is lightweight, which is a great plus in freight. Whereas traditional terracotta and stone pots take up a lot of inventory space, are heavy, prone to breakage, can be vulnerable to cold weather and discolor with age.”

Neoterra Upstyle

Klink has good hopes for this pot, as the demand for their Upstyle cover series named Echo, that has been introduced last year, has been satisfying as well. The Echo Upstyle covers have the look of ceramic pots due to a high-gloss finish. The product won the TPIE Cool Product Award in 2016 and in 2017 it was a participant in the IFE Innovation Battlefield. “We built off of that and introduced this new pot”, says Klink. From January the NeoTerra will be, just like Echo, available in five colors and in four sizes:  4”, 4.5”, 6” and 6.5”

Echo Upstyle

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