Efficient space utilisation and improvement of the CO2 balance – this is the motto of the newest acquisition of Gregor Ziegler GmbH. By means of a new, powerful big-bale press, the Timpor wood fibre can, as of now, be compressed to pallets for space saving transport. Thus, the medium-sized wood fibre producer condenses nine to ten cubic metres of the fibre resource per bale and pallet.

“With full preservation of all known quality characteristics and advantages of our quality certified product,” Matthias Ziegler, managing director of Gregor Ziegler GmbH, emphasises.

Despite the highly compact packaging, the wood fibre can easily be loosened at the place of destination. The bales’ long and practical storage capability of up to four months, as well as the simple loading and unloading predestine the new packaging technology particularly for export, as well as for cargo via sea container.

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