Maxime de Witte is the new (Online) Marketing & Communication Specialist at MNP Flowers.

“I am very happy to work at the marketing department of MNP flowers! It’s a little marketing paradise. There is so much to discover and learn around here – from making beautiful catalogues to introducing completely new brands and varieties. The sky is the limit! Hence, the plant sector attracts me a lot. There are always new varieties to meet so standing still is not an option. But maybe most important: plants can have a leading role in daily moments of peoples lives. As a graduated Social & Marketing Psychologist, I enjoy this idea. Whether you wish to create a little moment of love, an inspiring and colourful environment where people can flourish, telling someone that he or she is dear to you or want to express your condolences with someone's loss. There is always a plant or flower that suits the story of the situation. I can’t wait to discover and create more of these beautiful little stories at MNP flowers. With a lot of passion, creativity and an open mind I hope to bring you the most exciting and inspiring online and offline marketing concepts possible.”

Also new is Paul Jackson, the new sales agent and brand ambassador of MNP flowers. “I have spent all my life in Ornamental plant production since studying at Rochford Houseplants back in 1979 (It will be 40 years next year!).

They were at the time the largest glasshouse nursery in Europe specialising in ornamental plants, we had to spend 3 months in each glasshouse learning about the crops. It was a 3 year apprenticeship when you finished you had your horticultural qualifications. I also went abroad with them to work in Sweden & in Holland.

My role with MNP flowers as I see it, is to try to help support licensees, agents, growers & retailers who are selling Suntory genetics to achieve greater sales/product awareness for everyone to benefit. Having worked very closely with MNP flowers since the launch of Surfinia almost 30 years ago & having had our own mother stock nursery & being responsible for selling both URc & rooted cuttings, I hope to use my experience, contacts & knowledge of the industry to try to bring greater awareness & sales of the amazing Suntory genetics both in the UK & across Europe. I hope to be able to help support not only MNP flowers but also the people selling & growing the product and ask that anyone with any questions/queries or help that they might need can contact me at any time.”

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