Since the very first edition in 1956, the International Floralies - Nantes expo has been historically organized by the Floralies Committee, which is planning an adventure for young and old through explosions of colors, flowers and fragrances.

Jardin du Luxembourg: a collection unique in the world at the Floralies
A presence at the Floralies flower show will be the one of the rare orchid collection of Paris’ Jardin du Luxembourg – Sénat (Luxembourg gardens – Senate). The collection holds some extraordinary species and is usually available to the public only once a year. In May 2019, it will be exposed for the Floralies visitors in the Spirituality Hall, integrating the Flowers to live by theme of the 12th edition.

Gilles Pavan, floral art world expert as mentor for talented students
The students of the Intelligence Apprenticeship school of Nantes have joined the Floralies adventure years ago, every edition the partnership is renewed, giving students the opportunity to get a unique professional experience in a prestigious context.

These students will be working on the floral aspects of the Naturya costumes and decorations. The Floral Musical show will take place every night from 09.00 pm to 11.00 pm and will gather about thirty artists dressed up in attires made of flowers and plants by artistic souls. In this adventure, students will have for mentor the world-famous floral design specialist Gilles Pavan, also known as member of the jury in the French TV show "C’est le Bouquet", a florist battle.

An all-over the world edition
With about 60 different nationalities represented since the first edition, the Floralies has proven to be a very international environment. This upcoming edition will welcome both exotic destinations and more traditional ones, such as Qatar, the USA, Nepal, Italy, Myanmar… representing cultural and floral richness and diversity at its finest.

Discounts up to 10% are going on on the Committee’s website until the 14th of December.

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