One of the most successful plants to emerge from the Anthony Tesselaar stable has been Daphne Perfume Princess. Its advantages over other Daphnes of full sun exposure, larger flower size, and quick growing features have combined to produce a strong retailer / consumer demand for this plant.

This plant has now become a staple ingredient in the mix of garden centre’s shelves.

Rich scented perfume
Daphne Perfume Princess is a combination of two different types of daphne, D. odora which is rather finicky but grown for its rich perfume plus the tricky one to grow D. bholua known for its rich flowering and winter hardiness. (Jacqueline Postill is a cultivar of D. bholua)

This breakthrough in breeding brought the best of both types into one.  'Perfume Princess' has the rich scented perfume of D. odora overlaid with the beautiful citrus undertones of D. bholua and longer flowering season with larger blooms.

Year of awards
In June this year, Daphne 'Perfume Princess' was voted the “Best New Ornamental Plant Variety.” According to Horticulture Week, demand in the UK is now outstripping production. It was chosen because this plant has a very long flowering period and flowers from the tip all the way down the stem. In three years of growing, Wyevale Nurseries (UK) has not lost a single plant.

Flower, leaf & fragrance
Daphne 'Perfume Princess’ was also awarded the 2018 Gold Medal award at the Florall Trade Fair in Belgium. In being honoured with the Florall Award, the jury praised this newcomer because of its surprisingly original combination of flower, leaf and fragrance.

Discuss at IPM Essen
Retailers, consumers and growers are becoming more familiar with this growing opportunity. They are now looking at growing or utilising the 'Perfume Princess' in different forms as seen in PP standards and pillar forms.

You can discuss Daphne Perfume Princess with the team on the Tesselaar stand at IPM Essen on stand E39 Hall 2.

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