Flexibility, efficiency and profitability will be hot topics at Cultivate 2019. If you’re a small or medium size grower, a visit to booth #235 will help you find the answers to help grow your business. Danziger’s North American team is focused on providing solutions to this key group of growers.

“Our breeders have been busy developing new genetics that are easier to grow, provide dependable performance and deliver more profits,” says Mike Fernandez, market manager for Danziger North America. “But the innovation doesn’t stop with our world-class genetics. Our team is here to help our customers. We’re working to create customized solutions that make their business more efficient and profitable.”

Danziger’s North American team has decades of experience in business strategy, growing, producing, selling, and marketing. Partnering with Danziger allows growers to tap into their knowledge to create time-saving programs that drive profitability. The team has developed customized growing solutions for many of their partners and they can help any size grower. “Our people, plants and partnerships are a winning combination,” adds Fernandez. 

Here is a quick look at just some of the solutions-forward 2020 genetics you’ll see at Cultivate.

Petunia Amore King of Hearts
Amore is a stable, uniform petunia series with flower power. Amore’s blooms feature five heart shapes outlined in bright hues. Joining the series for 2020 is Amore King of Hearts. This petunia boasts regal red and white blooms, with five red hearts. King of Hearts flowers early with loads of large blossoms that show good resistance to rain. It features a compact, mounded habit and is recommended for quarts, baskets and combos. Each Amore variety creates shopper-stopping hanging baskets and containers at retail. Amore varieties include new King of Hearts, new Fluttering Heart, new Pink Heart, Queen of Hearts, Fiesta and Purple.

Petunia Capella series
The Capella Petunia series features colors like Neon Pink and Ruby Red. Capella Petunias perform well in propagation, bloom early enough for any petunia program, and require little to no PGR usage. Capella is available in eight colors, providing flower power with a compact habit – perfect for quarts, baskets and combos. This floriferous, mounding petunia has a small footprint from the growers’ table to the retail display, then continues its performance for the end-consumer.

Jamesbrittenia Goldstar
Jamesbrittenia Goldstar is the little black dress of combos. The sunny, bright-yellow blooms make it a good addition to baskets, combos and window boxes. This variety has enhanced resistance to foliage disease. It’s also day-neutral and extremely heat tolerant.

Danziger is bringing verbena back: Verbena Vanessa Compact series
Vanessa Verbena are bred for mildew tolerance and flower power. Danziger tests prospective varieties by inoculating the seedlings with mildew. Only those that stay clean and in full color are brought to market. The new Vanessa Compact Series brings the same big color of the original Vanessa in a smaller package. This series features a compact habit in more than ten color options including Compact Neon Pink, Compact Violet and Compact Bicolor Purple. Recommended for quarts, the new Compact series provides excellent mildew resistance and won’t cycle out of flower.

One size calibrachoa does not fit all
Danziger makes choosing the right size calibrachoa even easier. Each series fills a specific market need. The Lia Calibrachoa series is perfect for hanging baskets. The noticeably bigger blooms truly capture consumer attention at retail. Lia Dark Red is a 2020 standout with clear, deep-red blooms. This early flowering series shows good vigor, making it perfect for baskets and combos.

Calibrachoa Colibri series
For a more compact variety, choose Colibri Calibrachoa. This series is bred with both the grower and end-consumer in mind. Colibri is a compact, well-performing series that requires little PGR use. That means lower labor costs and more profit per square foot. Colibri features loads of blooms and good branching and is perfect for quart programs. It is also a great addition to smaller baskets and combos. This series continues to grow and bloom well in the home garden. New for 2020, Blizzard is an early flowering variety that features large, snowy-white blooms.

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