In the context of “Green Fits All”, the entrance hall at Plantarium is displaying a pilot based on compact living and recreation, combined with experiencing natural surroundings. The new urban renewal and rural development buzzword is ‘small’, as is shown by the rise of 'Tiny Houses' and 'Tiny Forests', among other things.

Developments in this area focus extensively on sustainability, and the idea of circularity. Wood is often the first choice when it comes to building material, and the natural appearance is enhanced by green roofs, vertical gardens, and ornamental plants.

Ecological route
The entrance hall is also the starting point for the Ecological route that Plantarium has laid out for visitors, taking them past participants presenting interesting products and services in the area of sustainability and health. Visitors can walk the route independently with the help of a map, or they can join a guided tour at fixed times in various languages.

Plantarium by Night
Thanks once again to an initiative by the municipality of Alphen aan de Rijn, Plantarium by Night is being organised for the sixth time on Thursday evening. This time, the central issues are greenery and health. The municipality hopes to reduce the demand for care by instead stimulating measures in the areas of greenery and health. Gardeners, housing cooperatives, estate agents, catering businesses and horticultural businesses have been invited to attend in the evening. The programme includes three short lectures, and the evening will end with the Ecological route. For more information, visit

Plantarium 2019 will be held from 21 to 23 August 2019 on Denemarkenlaan at the International Trade Centre Boskoop/Hazerswoude. More information can be found on