In less than 3 months, the 29th edition of GrootGroenPlus will be held in Zundert, the Netherlands from October 2-4, 2019. Again this year, a lot will be on display at this International nursery stock trade fair. About 300 participants will show their products and services.   

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New this year is the garden and workshop space, Pierre Domen presents a book about his life - both personal and as a grower, and for this 29th edition, the trade fair enters into a partnership with Passant Catering. Again, like previous years, participants have the opportunity to present their product assortment through Varb on the GGP website. 

Below more information on each topic. 

Sensory garden and workshop space
Last April, trade fair GrootGroenPlus and Peter Vanlaerhoven and Pascala Matthijsen from Lowgardens Nurseries sat down to discuss the development of a special garden for the visually impaired: a sensory garden.

Pascale and Peter will use their experience and knowledge to create the design of the sensory garden, which one can visit during the trade fair from 2 - 4 October.

The idea is to show that it is possible to use regular grown products from participants to create special care gardens. Within this design, there is also a seating area for 30 people and a 75-inch TV screen. Other participants can also book this space. These are in fact two new parts at one location, which will help promote the products of the participants. It includes very valuable additions of application and sharing knowledge.

We are also looking into the possibility of including bird sounds, and use special glasses and other items that will make sure that feeling, hearing, smelling, and tasting become all part of the experience. We will also look into the possibility of simulating wind or movement.

The sensory garden with seating area will be created in the midst of the grey route. Hereby, it will be possible to show and experience the green assortment on one side, and offer an explanation with smell, sound, and feeling at the other side. Essential oils might also play a role in this.

A garden with a layout like this has social value, and will lead to more plant consciousness. This will also turn it into a nice place to invite purchasers for public green and health care.  

Lowgardens Nurseries has experience with these kinds of gardens and will control the project. They also installed a care garden at OCMW in Rijkevorsel. That garden focuses on stimulating sick people and those with dementia to go outside.

For more information regarding a group visit to this sensory garden, including a thorough explanation by specialists, or regarding renting the space, please contact

Pierre Domen presents a book about his life, both personal and as a grower
During the 29th edition of trade fair GrootGroenPlus, former member of the board of GrootGroenPlus Pierre Domen presents his book Bomen over Domen. This book is about his personal life and his life as a grower, and includes stories of eleven people who impacted Pierre’s life in some sort of way. The book is written by John van Ierland, who currently has more than 35 books to his name.

The official launch of Bomen over Domen and sale will start during the opening of trade fair GrootGroenPlus on 2 October 2019. This includes a presentation and reading of parts of the book that have a connection with the program of the trade fair. During the opening, a very special trade fair guest will also receive a copy.

And of course, special attention will be paid to the book at the trade fair. One copy will be placed in the library and you will be able to buy copies at the stand of Lodders Boomkwekerijen BV. Judges and a number of guests will also receive a copy, and information about the book will be shown on the LED screen.

The first print of Bomen over Domen will have a retail price of 19.95 euros. Would you like to pre-order a copy and pick it up at the trade fair? Please let us know via

GrootGroenPlus enters into a partnership with a Passant Catering
For this year's edition, the organisation will enter into a partnership with: Passant Catering. In 2003, they started their catering business in Moerdijk, and in 2009, they founded the restaurant Passant at Plaza 11. Passant Catering can be found under the same roof.

The initial foundation for cooperation was laid when Martijn Singewald, Pieter Hak, and Joost Meenks visited the trade fair in October 2018 out of curiosity. That first visit was followed by talks, sharing ideas, brainstorm sessions, and sharing advice.

And now, the cooperation really has taken shape, and there is a full plan for a modern catering concept that meets the requirements and demands of the trade fair. The service is more extensive than usual; there are even runners available, who will deliver the orders in the stands, if necessary. Participants can fill out their order lists in advance.

In 2019, Passant Catering will be responsible for coffee and tea on the trade floor, breakfast during the opening of the trade fair, packed lunches, food and drinks in the press room, provisions for traffic controllers, drivers, and groups, and the company will take care of a continued supply of sandwiches and food, starting at 8 in the morning. And they also thought about the practical aspect; coffee and packed lunch will, for example, be served in high-quality, eco-friendly disposables.

The offer in the central restaurant will also include different types of coffee specialties made by a barista, and a food court with multiple food stands; food trucks without wheels. However, they will have honest and delicious dishes for everyone, at great prices. In the afternoon, the general bar will be turned into a Grand Café, where visitors can enjoy meals from a small menu and a drink.

Passant Catering came highly recommended by All Art Design, among others. This company is responsible for the decoration of the central hall during GGP 2019. They will also make sure that the decor of the catering suits the warm atmosphere that the trade fair is known for. More information about the catering options will be included in the participant environment soon.

Varb connection for GGP participants is live again
Since 2017, participants of the fall edition of trade fair GrootGroenPlus have the opportunity to present their product assortment through Varb on the GGP website, during 6 months of the year. Varb brings together the demand and supply of outdoor green, which allows for an efficient system for purchasing and selling products.

This cooperation is a great addition to the physical trade fair, which will be held from 2 - 4 October 2019. Before, during, and after the trade fair, the offer can be presented on this platform.

After announcing the continued cooperation between Varb and GrootGroenPlus, the connection for green participants has been activated. As of now, participants of the international trade fair can present their offer for free at

This gives visitors a sneak preview of the products that all participants have to offer. It also gives insight into the full, current stock. This year, the connection with Varb is also available to international participants.

To give non-green participants the chance to show their stock and/or catalogue in their participant profile, GGP has created some additional fields in the participant environment. All activated links will remain active until the end of January 2020, which means that they will also be active during the Spring fair.

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