What if you could provide reflectors from SON-T light fixtures with a new layer that better reflects the light and moreover creates a better spectrum? Then you hit two birds with one stone and also the reflectors, that have already been more or less written off, will get a second or even a third life. And that is quite sustainable.

The relevant coatings and processing method were developed by Raymond Lescrauwaet of Lescrauwaet BV - Hilversum and were first presented at the GreenTech last month under the name of Reflecoat. “We have extensively tested and repeatedly measured it to be able to estimate what it will do with photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis. With our heat-resistant light-reflecting coatings, it appears that, depending on the circumstances, the light output can indeed be increased and the spectrum improved. The light spectrum can also be controlled to a certain extent with the coating colors, for the time being, white, blue and red."

Raymond Lescrauwaet and Javier Meyer from Aqua4D, Robert Kraayvanger from Beacon and Olivier Begerem from 2Grow. Together they presented a package of solutions with which irrigation and climate can be optimized further.

The coating can therefore be a solution for companies that are not yet interested in investing in LED lighting. “Sometimes that investment is too large, but also the installation of LEDs does not necessarily mean progress. For example, LEDs do not usually retain the entire spectrum, because infrared and far infrared in particular, are usually disappearing. Also many growers simply need the heat in their cultivation."

In addition, (the coating of) SON-T light fixtures can often also be combined well with LED control light. "For high greenhouses with low plants and therefore a relatively large distance between lamp and plant, we are still continuing to develop maintaining the existing light intensity but with a better light spectrum."

Dutch pilot projects are currently underway at a cucumber grower, a lisianthus grower and a rose grower. A first test with cabbage lettuce in Canada is also going to start soon. The company is still looking for growers of, for example, alstroemeria, antirrhinum, bouvardia, celosia, chrysanthemums, freesia, lilies, matthiola, ranunculus, statice, as well as growers of strawberries, eggplant, berries, blackberries, raspberries and various herbs.

As shown schematically here, the intention is to bring this innovative coating to the grower, where possible together with the Aqua4D water treatment and to make the differences with the existing situation visible through, among other things, 2Grow and Beacon Field sensoring. As can be seen in the photo, these parties jointly shared a stand on the GreenTech.

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