Expoflores will organize a new flower show in Quito next year. "The global detail market has been growing significantly, but the flower industry has not. And if we compare ourselves with that area of the market, we even have become smaller", says Alejandro Martínez, CEO of Expoflores. With their new show, Flor Ecuador Flower Show, they are eager to show wholesalers and importers the importance of adding value to the product in order to motivate consumers to buy flowers. "And not only Ecuadorian flowers, but flowers in general", adds Martínez.

Flor Ecuador Flower Show will be held in the new Bicentennial Convention Center, which will be inaugurated in December 2017.

Expoflores used to organize a flower show in Quito, the Agriflor, together with HPP Exhibitions, but this collaboration is now terminated. "We noticed that the new exhibition hall, in which Agriflor was held last year (Centro de Exposiciones Quito) was a lot smaller than the former hall CEMEXPO, which would probably prevent us from growing in the future. Besides that, many growers were of the opinion that the show needs a new identity and turn. Moreover, the show needs to become a financial boost to Expoflores. Then, we can dedicate these resources to the combination and promotion of flower consumption."

This new three day show is planned to take place in September/October 2018. The Agriflor, which will now be organized by HPP solely, is still taking place from 3-5 October 2018.

According to Martínez, the target group remains the same, but the concept will be different. "It will not just be a place where the market meets, it will be a place where importers and wholesalers can learn and where we show the importance of adding value to the product. And this approach is completely different to the shows that we currently see all over the world."

In order to offer the visitors of this show the right information and, in turn to increase the global flower consumption, Expoflores talked with several organizations like the Colombian export association CalFlowers, Society of American Florists, the German wholesalers association and more. "Not the show per se, but boosting the entire global flower industry is important. Next year, after the Proflora in Colombia, the IPM in China and the FlowerExpo in Moscow, we will fully focus on the show and how we will provide the importers and wholesalers with all the information to boost the flower consumption of the consumers."

The registration for the show is now open for about two weeks and Martínez is pleased with the reactions and amount of registrations. "Currently, the registrations are open to our members and 70 members have already registered (between growers, breeders and logistics companies). Later on, in May, the registrations will be open to non-members and Asocolflores and its members and logistic companies, for example, already showed their interest."

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