The Flower Bazar is a new, unique initiative from 2Dezign, growers, flower traders and decoration suppliers. In the increasingly competitive global economy, it is no longer good enough to just offer a good price or a great product. Customers need an experience that encourages buying and innovation. That is why from 21 to 23 September 2019 we are organizing an outdoor and indoor fair where the product groups decoration and flowers and plants come together with one goal: more turnover.

The power of this event is the new form. No traditional trade show for your own public, trade and sales channels, but a new market with new customers. The event takes place in our most important sales country, Germany, and the setting is Boltze Home Deco in Hamburg. Boltze is a very large supplier of decoration with customers such as garden centers, florists, supermarkets, furniture stores and do-it-yourself companies. And it is precisely in these stores that our flowers and plants can grow in turnover.

"Through inspiration, we show how flowers and plants create much more experience in stores, so that sales will increase for that store and for growers and traders. New crossovers and also new cross-media. New designers and media such as bloggers / vloggers", says Pascal Koeleman of 2Dezign.

"Together with our international partners, we show what our sector in Hamburg can offer. No less than four trading companies participate in the event. Together we go for the success."

Design Show StylIT Product Placement
Inspiration is a must in new markets. A beautiful location alone is not enough, everything revolves around the people who make creations. That is why Lehner Wolle organizes the StylIT Design Show on the weekend. Lehner Wolle is a household name among florists when it comes to decoration for arrangements. During the weekend, Lehner Wolle gives live presentations with eight top arrangers, including those from 2Dezign.

2Dezign is known for its photography. The JustChrys and Lisianthus product groups know this success and are therefore still growing. Together with Lehner Wolle they are in the spotlight during the Design Show. These creations are also the basis of the photography of 2Dezign. Rudi and Pascal give advice and discuss the right way of presenting. Participants can use this photography for promotion. 2Dezign uses photography for a magazine, including Lehner Wolle, brochures and for promotion on the Social Media channels. Our flowers and plants are the main players for free. A classic Win-Win situation.

The participants

Future Shop Stores
During The Flower Bazar 2019, 2Dezign will show the store formulas of the future together with Boltze. In three different store concepts, a garden center, a do-it-yourself store and a furniture store, collections are presented in combination with flowers and plants. Because it is precisely in these segments that sales can be stimulated by inspiration. This presentation will also become an experience, because products without experience do not sell. From ideas come new ideas. The Flower Bazar partners and traders are already at the forefront of knowledge and target groups. So let's grow!

For more information:
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T: +31 6 24229238